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Hamlin Cycles

44 Grassy Plain St, Bethel, CT 06801




Raging Fury Speed Shop
204 E Main St
Clinton, Connecticut
Call (860) 669-4151





At 73 Cycle Products we believe that motorcycle dealers, repair shops and custom builders are the backbone of our industry. 

That is one of the main reasons why through all the economic ups and downs, the surge of the internet stores and the push to buy direct, we still stand behind the old school dealer network.

We feel consumers need to see it, touch it, and taste it. We also feel that without the excitement of, and from local shops there would not be a motorcycle industry. 


73 Cycle dealer requirements are easy:

You must have a valid business tax id.

Must be a motorcycle shop that promotes 73 Cycle products.

Must be at least 50 Mile from an existing dealer. (Unless selling a specific product line that differs)


All dealers interested in being listed, please contact us.
sales@73cycle.com  or call (860)349-1501